Graeme Shaw


Graeme Shaw joined SASO in 2010, shortly after moving to Tucson from the United Kingdom. He started playing the trombone when he was 8 years old as part of his musical training as a chorister at Westminster Abbey.

His music training as a singer was under the direction of the then organist and choir master Simon Preston, and this has been the foundation for the development of his musical abilities throughout his adult life.

Graeme has played Trombone in numerous orchestras in the UK, including the Suffolk Youth Orchestra, Trianon Music Group, the Hertfordshire Philharmonic and the de Havilland Philharmonic, where he also fulfilled the role of orchestra chairman. Here in Tucson, Graeme is the trombone coordinator for and plays regularly with the Tucson Repertory Orchestra as well as singing Baritone with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra Chorus.

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