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Earn SASO Donations While You Shop

When you shop through’s Smile portal or buy groceries and other goods with your Fry’s V.I.P. card, those companies will donate a small percentage of your purchase prices to the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra—at no extra cost to you!

The Fry’s Community Rewards Program will also donate to SASO based on your purchases using your Fry’s V.I.P. account. No extra charges are added to your bill. You’ll need to enroll in the Fry’s V.I.P. program if you haven’t already. Just go to this page to sign in or register for an account, then click the Enroll Now button and choose the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra Association (or find us using number 91132) as the beneficiary of your food foraging.

Fry’s requires everyone to re-enroll annually. Here’s how to do it:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Sign-In’.
  3. Enter your email and password, and click on Sign In.
  4. Click on your name (top right hand corner), then under Account Summary scroll down to Community Rewards.
  5. Click on Edit under Community Rewards.
  6. Under Find Your Organization, enter SASO’s NPO number (91132) and select Search. (You could also find us by typing “Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra.”)
  7. Under Select Your Organization, click on the circle next to SASO.
  8. Click on Enroll. If you have re-enrolled correctly, you should see a green box with “Your enrollment in the Community Rewards Program has been updated. Thank you for participating!” You will also see the information listed under Community Rewards on your Account Summary page.
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